Let Me Introduce Myself

Hello, my name is Gaby. I am a graduate of the Ph.D program in Critical Dance Studies from the University of California at Riverside. I describe myself as a folklorista because I am fully engaged in the research and teaching of Mexican folkloric dance. Ever since beginning my graduate degree, I view folkloric dance with an entirely different perspective. I decided to start this blog because I realize that the traditional method of research, writing, and publishing takes years. Although I am currently submitting articles to journals and have begun a book project, this blog is another way to share my ideas. I will be blogging at least once a month. Please share with me your comments in a constructive manner.  Thanks!

Copyright, 12/20/2014, Gabriela Mendoza-Garcia

Gabriela Mendoza-García Ph.D. is an Artist and Scholar. She has her own dance school and company called the Gabriela Mendoza-García Ballet Folklórico in Laredo, Texas.  Dr. Mendoza-Garcia founded this group in 2013 and teaches children and adults of all ages. Her company consists of seasoned folklórico dancers with years of experience performing this art form. She teaches traditional Mexican folklórico dance pieces, as well as, works that are inspired by her scholarly research. Her scholarship includes editing the book Dancing throughout Mexican History (1325-1910), History & Folklore booklet with an accompanying documentary sponsored by the Webb County Heritage Foundation, The Jarabe Tapatío: Imagining Race, Nation, Class and Gender in 1920s Mexico published by Oxford University Press, an on-line blog, writings for Asociación Nacional de Grupos Folklóricos, and others.

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